Foodontherun The Pioneer with The Grocery Store Of The Future the Pioneer with The Grocery Store of The Future is the Pioneer with The Grocery Store Of The Future our first pick up point opened in 2014 in Fort Lauderdale – Florida  has no cash registers and no lines. and is already your go-to in the world of online shopping  introduced back in 2014 a brand new kind of grocery store that had no lines. In fact, it had no cash registers at all.

Today DutyFreeFood’s grocery store concept is called FOODONTHERUN.COM

You can order on line and picked up your food with your cart accordingly to your schedule no need to get down of your car to have your food loaded in your trunk we will do it for you. Our concept is already very successful already in Europe , it is called DRIVE with over 1,000 stores are up and running serving daily over 1 million shoppers


But how, you ask, can this possibly work?

To shop at the stores which will all be a compact 2,000 square feet, you just need a FOODONTHERUN.COM account, the app, a lap top or a smartphone.

FOODONTHERUN.COM stores will sell everything from classic grocery staples to ready-made options, and they’ll feature both well-known and newer brands.

And especially eager shoppers could get their hands on a line-free grocery experience soon. The first location was tested in Fort Lauderdale in 2014 and will be moved to another locations in central Florida and Texas , but doors are expected to open to the public by end of 2017. FOODONTHERUN.COM plans to build as many as 1,000 grocery stores nationwide within the next decade offering the concept to franchisees across the nation.


Check out the video below for DUTYFREEFOOD.COM ‘s full breakdown of their new store concept.



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